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I'm Jaydev Mahadevan
Full Stack Software Engineer
Hi, I'm Jaydev, a full-stack software engineer with over 15 years of experience. My expertise lies in architecting, deploying, and optimizing web systems at scale. I have a strong track record in leading and mentoring engineering teams, with a deep commitment to developing products that are not only functional but also offer an outstanding user experience. My approach to building products always starts with the customer, ensuring the result is as enjoyable to use as it is effective.
Client Success Stories

Below are some of the companies that I have worked with to achieve exceptional results.


Work:Led overhaul of microservice-based workflow engine critical to company operations. Architected and built internal admin UI apps.

Result:Reduced system errors by 33% and operational support requests by 25%.

The Climate Corporation

Work:Rebuilt a legacy satellite image system with microservices.

Result:Achieved 2-3x faster processing at 1/10th the cost for hundreds of thousands of daily requests.


Work:Managed an all-remote team of 10 backend and frontend developers responsible for building Tallyfy’s flagship product.

Result:Reduced issue turnaround time by 3x and increased code deployment frequency by 2x.


Work:Led the front-end development effort on the Universe project.

Result:Successfully built and deployed supply chain management app to manage 100,000+ items.

Solano Labs

Work:Refined frontend and backend components of a SaaS application designed for CI management.

Result:Shipped several large mission-critical features, including live test results, team workspaces, and cached builds.

Sample Projects

Here are some simple demo apps I have put together to showcase what I can build.

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